Export of dairy products from Ukraine to Europe

Export of dairy products is a popular and important direction for Ukraine. Ukrainian milk is famous for its high quality and is in great demand in many European countries. Therefore, milk export from Ukraine is a promising activity.

Why Ukrainian dairy products are popular in Europe

milk export

Let us note several reasons for the high demand for milk from Ukraine in EU countries:

  1. High quality. Milk and dairy products from Ukraine undergo strict quality control. Ukrainian manufacturers ensure that their products comply with European standards, which ensures the safety and naturalness of the products.
  2. Ecological cleanliness. Many Ukrainian farms are located in regions with a clean environment, which has a positive effect on the quality of milk. The cows graze on natural pastures, and the feed they receive is also environmentally friendly.
  3. Tradition and innovation. Ukraine has strong traditions of dairy production, which are passed on from generation to generation. At the same time, manufacturers are actively introducing modern technologies, which allows them to improve product quality and expand their range.
  4. Variety of products. Ukraine produces a wide range of dairy products: milk, cheeses, yoghurts, butter and much more. This allows us to meet the needs of various categories of consumers.

Where is it in demand?

Dairy products from Ukraine are in demand in a number of European countries. Among them are the following:

  1. Poland. This is due to the close geographical location and favorable terms of cooperation. Ukrainian products are in demand in Poland due to their high quality and competitive prices.
  2. Germany. The Germans value natural and high-quality products, so Ukrainian milk and cheeses find their buyers here. In addition, products from Ukraine are often cheaper than similar German products, which makes them attractive to consumers.
  3. France. A country where dairy products occupy an important place in gastronomy. Ukrainian dairy products, especially cheeses, are of interest to the French due to their quality and unusual tastes.
  4. Netherlands. This is one of the largest milk producers in Europe, but they also buy dairy products from Ukraine. This is explained by an interest in new taste sensations and a desire to diversify the assortment on the market.

Export of dairy products from Ukraine to Europe is an important and promising direction. The high quality, environmental friendliness and variety of Ukrainian dairy products make them in demand on the European market. This cooperation brings benefits to both parties: Ukrainian producers receive stable demand for their products, and European consumers receive high-quality and tasty dairy products.

Источник: Mira Oranovskaya 06.08.2024